Upton House School | Sound & Live Streaming Install

The new sound and live streaming install was completed in June 2019 providing a valuable new set of resources to the school.
Show Works were brought on board by Upton House in January of 2019 to specify and advise on a new system. Upton House were looking for a system to tick a lot of boxes in their day to day running of the school as well as supporting productions and events. The school wanted an install that would allow them to use a laptop/microphone for assemblies as well as multiple wireless and stage microphones for their productions.
As well as this, the ability to easily live stream their assemblies, productions and events using a simple scheduling interface was a must. Show Works implemented a large scale, yet easy to use and reliable system featuring components from world leading manufactures such as Yamaha and Sennheiser.
The install at Upton House is completely managed by all the staff within the school by the aid of the in-depth 16 page manual complied by Show Works. The live streaming is all scheduled and distributed in house, though support is given by Show Works should any issue (either sound or live streaming) arise.
Show Works carefully selected the equipment on this install to work together in harmony. This included the following choices.

Yamaha TF1
The Yamaha TF1 is a relatively new desk built by Yamaha, the TF1 is an excellent choice for a school because of its easy to use interface and the ability to assign users on the mixing desk. This allowed Show Works to set up the optimum settings for the sound system and lock them in. Whilst still allowing the operation of the the sound system by any member of staff, the settings are never lost or adjusted, meaning perfect sound every time.
The Yamaha TF1 complemented the needs of the school in more ways than just providing sound in the hall – The ability to have multiple outputs on the TF1 made sure that the hearing loop system that Upton House run could easily be integrated with the sound system.
Lastly, the colourful display panel above every fader allows easy labelling of the channel and its function, minimising issues when getting to grips with the desk.

Sennheiser Radio Microphones
Sennheiser is a solid choice when it comes to radio microphones. Show Works chose 11 ways of Sennheiser EW100 G4 for the install. The wireless microphones, which being designed and built in Germany, allowed the upmost of quality for the installation – backed up by Show Works knowledge of Sennheiser system made them the perfect choice.
Sennheiser offers great reliability throughout the whole range of products, as well as this, the ruggedness of Sennheiser’s microphones made a perfect fit for lots of use by the school.
To combat waste, Show Works installed one of their AA/AAA-32 battery chargers complete with Duracell rechargeable batteries for the wireless microphones, allowing a more responsible choice to powering the radio microphones.

StreamSpot Live Streaming
StreamSpot is an amazing bit of software which offers the complete package for live streaming.
With StreamSpot, you simply add in the time you’d like to stream from and to, give it a title, and the software does the rest! This even includes telling the equipment in the school hall when to start streaming.
Show Works installed a broadcast quality camera, permanently mounted on their lighting rig as well as a totally separate audio system (to allow live streaming when the mixing desk is off) to insure studio quality live streams every time.
In addition to the video equipment, a custom built server by Show Works allows the synchronisation between the A/V equipment and StreamSpot completing the whole package.
Find out more about StreamSpot here.

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Upton House School | Sound & Live Streaming Install Show Works
Upton House School | Sound & Live Streaming Install Show Works
Upton House School | Sound & Live Streaming Install Show Works
Upton House School | Sound & Live Streaming Install Show Works