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Skin Tapes

Blenderm Tape is a handy alternative for use on performers with sensitive skin being rubber free and hypoallergenic. Because of this, the tape retains a silk like feel and is a slightly sturdier and less stretchy tape over its alternatives.
Blenderm Tape is available in 1.25cm or 2.5cm wide rolls.

Just like Transpore tape, Micropore is hypoallergenic and latex free. Micropore’s colour allows the tape to easily blend in with similar skin tones. The tape is also easily paintable making it a good tape to cover and paint hired-in microphones.
Micropore Tape is available in 1.25cm or 2.5cm wide rolls.

One of the most common ‘mic tapes’ manufactured by 3M. Transpore is a great all rounder due to its strong adhesive, resistance against moisture, transparent material and hypoallergenic properties. Transpore is also latex free.
Transpore Tape is available in 1.25cm or 2.5cm wide rolls.

Show Works Sales - Backstage Supplies Show Works
Skin Tapes for microphone fitting

Skin Wipes

Skin Prep

Skin prep is often used, as the title suggests, to prep the skin before adhering mic tape to the performer. The wipes leave a protective barrier on the surface of the skin allowing tape to easy stick or be removed, even through excessive sweat.

Zoff Adhesive Remover

Zoff adhesive remover wipes are extremely helpful at cleaning residue and sticky surfaces off both microphones and performers. Zoff wipes are non irritating and are aloe-formulated allowing the use of them on even the most sensitive of skin.

Show Works Sales - Backstage Supplies Show Works
Skin Wipes for cleaning residue off skin & microphones

Hairline Microphone Fitting

Often productions call for microphones to be fitted through the hairline of actors. This may offer benefits aesthetically and sonically but also allow the actor to be much more free with their movement over a conventional ‘over the ear’ headset microphone.
Show Works stocks a range of supplies essential for the Sound No.2 to configure and fit hairline microphones, most notably blonde, brown, black wig clips and elastic to blend the fitting of the microphone into the hair of the actor.
Show works also stocks a range of consumables and tools to aid the No.2 in their day to day work.

Show Works Sales - Backstage Supplies Show Works
Hairline Microphone Fitting


Compressed Air

Compressed air is a great tool to have backstage in the event of microphone emergency. A can of compressed air can bring a microphone back from the dead, commonly used when a capsule has become logged with sweat or water.

IPA Solvent

IPA Solvent is most commonly used to clean flight case labels, however because of its properties can span to many other uses.
IPA Solvent evaporates very quickly and is not water based, meaning that it can effectively clean electronics without fear of corrosion.


Show Works offers a range of tools essential for day to day use backstage.
Tail combs are very useful for parting hair, allowing the easy securing of wig clips into the root of the hair.
Nail scissors are small and precise, perfect for cutting elastic or mic tape.

Alkaline Batteries

Varta is the one of the most popular choices when it comes to high reliability & capacity single use batteries. Using Varta alkaline batteries in conjunction with our Sennheiser or Shure wireless systems you can expect to see up to 8 hours of operation. Varta alkaline batteries are available in AA or AAA sizes and packs of 40.

Show Works Sales - Backstage Supplies Show Works

High Performance AA & AAA Batteries