Theatre Sound Hire

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We only invest in wireless equipment from world leading brands such as Sennheiser and Shure, that are tirelessly maintained in our workshop to make sure every performance is as stress free as possible.
With the ever increasing amount of communication equipment being used in the world, it’s key that your wireless solution is bullet proof. Our knowledge of wireless systems can help you get set up quickly, without the headache of what frequencies you should be using.

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Loudspeakers are arguably the most important part of a sound system. Choosing the right loudspeaker is crucial to sound in theatre. The size, power and dispersion are all very important factors when it comes to making a decision. We have a large range of speakers including popular brands such as EM Acoustics which offer our clients a large choice when it comes to picking the right speaker for the job.
Most of our loudspeakers are complete with brackets and rigging allowing them to be installed into any environment that is thrown at them.

Mixing Desks
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The beginning of the century saw a huge rise in the use of digital desks. Yamaha with its LS9 bridged the gap, allowing the mainstream user to reap the benefits of digital audio. Since then, manufacturers such as DiGiCo and Yamaha have continued to innovate their products.
Today, Mixing desks are one of the most important tools in the industry. With an ever growing demand for more and more technical shows, its crucial that the equipment is able to handle whatever you throw at it. Our range of mixing desks and expansion cards can do just that job.

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Video hasn’t always had its place in sound, but in the theatre of today, the role of sound has become more diverse, taking on roles such as comms and video.
A lot of the time video is taken for granted in theatre, but is equally important to the sound and running of the show. If you’re looking to achieve a picture of the musical director for the cast or an infrared feed, we’ve got you covered. Our hire stock includes distribution for video signals, low latency monitors and cameras.

Bespoke Services
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At Show-Works we strive to be as flexible and bespoke as possible to accommodate your production. Every show is different challenge for us. If our clients require custom microphone monitoring solutions, redundant playback or specialised rigging, we are more than happy to go that step further to help them achieve their goal.
There is no worse feeling than being on a job without the right kit and support – So our ethos is to totally combat this.

Event Sound Hire

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Public Address

Large outdoor and indoor events can present challenges when it comes to Public Address. Making sure the audience can hear each and every word is crucial – Whether this be through speech or music. Starting with the correct equipment is key to having a successful event. Our stock of line array loudspeakers are specifically designed for high output, dispersion and clarity.

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Power Distribution

We a large range of 16A, 32A and 63A Power Cables from 1 Meter all the way to 50 Meters and Power Distribution for all types of uses.
As with all of our cable and equipment, our power cable is checked and tested every time it comes back and goes back out on hire.

Two Way Radios
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Two way radios were first used and developed in the military, but have since bridged their use into security, events and theatre. Our two way radios and wireless microphones operate on licensed frequencies to make sure you’re not having to fight for channels out in the field. Another step in making sure your event is seamless.

Sound Design

A More Creative Solution
We’re not just a hire company – if you’re looking for a more creative solution then look no further.
We specifically specialise in sound design and reinforcement for theatre and events, with many years experience and a extensive supply of kit to supplement our work, we’re able to supply the whole package.
Some of our recent work in theatre includes: Showstopper! The Improvised Musical, BBC Big Band (UK Tour), Elvis Thats The Way It Was (UK Tour), British Airways Flying Start (Heathrow) and the British Country Music Awards (Wulfren Hall)