Playback & Video

Playback & Video Show Works
Apple MacBook & Mac Mini Computers, iPads

Mac Installed Software: Qlab 3, Qlab 4, Live Professor 2, WSM, Wireless Workbench, Lab Gruppen Intellidrive, Radio World
iPad Installed Software: DiGiCo S, DiGiCo SD, Shure Plus Channels, Lab Gruppen Intellidrive, LS Stage Mix, QL Stage Mix, CL Stage Mix

Playback & Video Show Works
Focusrite & DiGiCo Audio Interfaces

Audio Switchover Units
Show Works MS-01 MADI Switchover for Audio Redundancy

SW MS-01 MADI Switcher Manual v1.2

MIDI Interfaces
MIDI Solutions Interfaces

Contact Closure Triggers
Contact closure triggers for show control: Designed to be used with MIDI Solution F8

SW SS-02 Start:Stop Box Manual v2.0

Playback & Video Show Works
LED, LCD and Touchscreen Monitors

Playback & Video Show Works
Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Playback & Video Show Works
CCTV Equipment for Show Relay

CCTV Distribution
CCTV VDA & Balun Boxes

Video Monitors
Video Monitors with BNC Inputs