Playback & Video


Our range of Apple Mac computers are well suited for playback in live environments. Most notably, all of our Macs come complete with a copy of Qlab – the industry leader for sound playback.

Other software our devices include are:
Mac Installed Software: Qlab 4, Live Professor 2, WSM, Wireless Workbench, Lab Gruppen Intellidrive, Radio World
iPad Installed Software: DiGiCo S, DiGiCo SD, Shure Plus Channels, Lab Gruppen Intellidrive, LS Stage Mix, QL Stage Mix, CL Stage Mix

Apple Computers & iPads

Computer Monitors
Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Audio Switchover Units
Audio Interfaces
Web Streaming

The Show Works Web Streaming Package is the full kit needed to live steam your event. Including a DSLR camera capable on 1080p video, HDMI cables to connect the camera to the WS-01 as well as the WS-01 Server which handles the live streaming. The package also includes a monitor and keyboard to monitor your live stream locally.

Looking for cinema quality live stream audio as well? Just add the suitable microphones from our hire stock and we’ll handle connecting them up for you.

How Does It Work?
The Show Works WS-01 Web Streaming Server is perfect for live streaming events quickly and efficiently. The WS-01 has a HDMI and SDI input to connect most types of cameras with no loss in quality. OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) running on the server allows steaming to multiple sites such as Facebook Live, Twitter Live and Youtube Live, plus many more.
The Canon EOS 4000D makes a reliable and efficient live streaming camera, being extremely portable and capable of 1080p video at 30FPS makes the camera suitable for a wide range of applications.
The EOS 4000D has a built in mini HDMI port allowing the output of the camera to connect straight into the WS-01 Web Streaming Server using a Mini HDMI to HDMI cable.
Analogue CCTV
Analogue CCTV is great mainly because its so simple to use. It is very much a ‘plug and play’ system – Any camera can be used with any screen (with the same type of inputs). Analogue CCTV also has next to no latency from input to the display, so is well suited for applications like MD/Show relays. The only downside to analogue CCTV is that it can require more infrastructure over IP based CCTV. A separate cable is needed for both the power and video, and only 1 video stream can run over a single BNC cable.
IP based CCTV is great for distributing large amounts of video easily and dependably. A single Cat5e cable can carry both power and video for the camera up to 100m. These cameras can be distributed over large networks and even externally to the internet. Multiple video streams can also run over a single cat5e cable. Due to the IP Based nature, sadly there is some latency involved with this setup, using the Reolink cameras and their PC based client, you will expect about 1 second latency on a full HD Stream. Theses cameras are well suited for monitoring large spaces such as immersive theatre, however would not be a great fit for MD/Show relays.
Video Over IP
The Show Works VoIP-01 system allows the sending & receiving of HDMI signals over a standard IP network, introducing almost unlimited possibilities for the distribution of video. Both the 01-TX (transmitting) and 01-RX (receiving) units are powered via POE. Simply connect both units to a POE switch and away you go. The Show Works VoIP units operate using a broadcast protocol to distribute the video signal across the network, meaning 1 transmitter can be used with multiple receivers. For multiple transmitters and receivers on the same network, simply separate the associated devices using VLANs.
The TESmart HDMI KVM Extender allows you to work just like you would at a computer from almost anywhere by sending the HDMI and USB signal over a standard IP network. No longer does the screen and keyboard need to be next to the physical computer. Up to 16 separate transmitters and 253 receivers can be used at a time on the same network. By using the dip switches on each unit you are able to toggle between 16 separate channels of video/usb control.