IKEA x SONOS ‘The Sound Affect’ | CCTV System

Show Works were brought on board to the Ikea & Sonos collaboration to install a site wide CCTV system to keep track of audience members walking through the experience.
‘Ikea and Sonos have launched an immersive theatre experience featuring their Symfonisk speakers for visitors to explore how sound impacts emotions.
“The sound affect”, running for four days from 27 September, is a walk-through experience that revolves around sounds designed to have a “transformative effect” on perceptions of spaces within the experience. Each space was designed to represent a specific part of the brain.’
– Campaign Live
The experience featured many spaces in which the audience explored, each one of these spaces had a discreet CCTV camera that led back to a central hub.

The Set Up
Show Works deployed Reolink IP Cameras for the job; Having manufactured our own custom brackets for the cameras allowing them to be clipped to scaffolding regularly used in theatre and temporary builds.
The quick deployment of these cameras meant Show Works could implement the whole system in around 2 hours from start to finish.
The IP Cameras led back to a Cisco gigabit network switch located centrally around the experience where they would then connect to a Mac Mini for operation.
The IP Cameras boasted a 2K resolution and infrared LED array, teamed up with a HD 22″ monitor made the system perfect for tracking audience and actors through the spaces.
Reolinks ‘Client’ software made easy viewing of the cameras for this project, having the ability to cycle through cameras or display them as a grid.
Show Works built the whole system into a 4U rack for ease of set up and portability.

Get In Touch
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IKEA x SONOS 'The Sound Affect' | CCTV System Show Works
IKEA x SONOS 'The Sound Affect' | CCTV System Show Works