Flight Cases

Rack Mount Flight Cases
We have a range of rack mount flight cases of differing rack units and depths. These come in the following sizes:
150mm Rack Depth
  • 2U
300mm Rack Depth
  • 2u
  • 4u
  • 6u
  • 8u
450mm Rack Depth
  •  4u
  •  8u
  • 12u
  • 16u
  • 16u (Double)
  • 20u
550mm Rack Depth
  • 24U (Shock Mount)
Trunk Flight Cases
We also have a range of standard trunk cases for cables and loose equipment. These come in sizes:
  • 600mm W x 400mm D x 400mm H
  • 600mm W x 500mm D x 500mm H
  • 700mm W x 400mm D x 400mm H
  • 800mm W x 400mm D x 400mm H
  • 1000mm W x 500mm D x 500mm H
  • 1200mm W x 400mm D x 400mm H
Production Flight Cases
Our range of production flight cases are great to keep equipment like microphones protected in transport, with easy access through the built in drawers.
Flight Case Studios

Our flight case studio is tailored to live sound and video production such as live streaming or audio/video broadcast services. Our full suite can be hired here.

Tailoring Your Hire
Our equipment is not tied down to a flight case for the rest of its life, we’re more than happy to arrange the equipment how you’d like it in our rack flight cases. Of course this is all included in the hire cost too, From the smallest to largest of rack cases.