Event WiFi


Our background in theatre & events allows us to understand the needs of event’s communication network in detail, seamlessly integrating with existing services and providing a quality experience to its users.
Money Heist: The Experience – London

Show Works deployed a site wide 5G internet connection with 4G backup, for the Money Heist Experience in London. The system supports up to 1500 users on any day including guests, staff, ticketing and card machines. Boasting 258 Mbps download and 104 Mbps upload speeds despite being located amongst high rise buildings.


258 Mbps


104 Mbps

Customer Experience

Offer guest WiFi at your event to improve customer experience, whilst also collecting data using sign in forms.

Card Payments

Take secure card and contactless payments at your event offering your customers a safer and easier way to pay.


Take out the hassle of manual ticketing with the use of WiFi, allowing cloud based ticketing providers to be used at your event, no matter the location.


Having an internet connection for staff on site can provide valuable back bone to any event. Allowing staff to manage more effectively and improve communication.


99.9% UK coverage allows us to deploy temporary WiFi & internet systems in almost any location across the UK


Our systems use the latest hardware and software from reputable brands, insuring that your customers are kept safe.


We deploy our temporary internet using 5G and will always deploy a 4G backup on a separate provider, insuring maximum uptime.


Our phone lines are manned 24/7 in case of any technical hiccups. Our technicians can log into your system remotely to troubleshoot.

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