Event CCTV


As the size of events grow, monitoring becomes a crucial part to insure the smooth operation of events. Show Works’ range of CCTV allows fast deployment of CCTV networks with outstanding quality.


With the advance in technology, CCTV has become more sophisticated over the years with an impressive increase in picture quality. Show Works CCTV cameras range from 2K to 4K resolution, meaning that you’ll always be viewing or recording your event in superior picture quality.


Recording events can be useful for reviewing performance as well as a record of any events that happened. Dependant on storage, CCTV systems can record and store video from days to months on end. Dependant on what is required.

Remote Viewing

With all of the systems Show Works implements, remote viewing via a browser or phone application is possible. Allowing the user piece of mind knowing they can view their event at any time. All that is required is an internet connection.

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