Wireless Microphones

Wireless Microphones

A Wireless Microphone system comprises of a bodypack or handheld transmitter (eg. Sennheiser SK300) and a Receiver (eg. Sennheiser EM300).
Antenna Distribution and Omni Directional Antennas will be included where necessary with your order.
In most cases Wireless Microphones will come racked with a network switch to manage them.

All of our Wireless operates on Channel 38. Which is UK Legal and Licensed by Ofcom.

Sennheiser EW300 G3 – Pricing breaks down to (per week): 2 Ways = £105, 4 Ways = £210, 8 Ways = £420, 12 Ways = £630
Shure UHF-R – Pricing breaks down to (per week): 2 Ways = £180, 4 Ways = £360, 8 Ways = £720, 12 Ways = £1080

Wireless Microphones Show Works
Sennheiser Wireless Transmitters
EW100 & EW300 Beltpack & Handheld Wireless Transmitters

Sennheiser Wireless Receivers
EW300 Wireless Receivers

Wireless Microphones Show Works
Shure Wireless Transmitters
UHF-R Beltpack Wireless Transmitters

Shure Wireless Receivers
UHF-R Wireless Receivers

Wireless Antennae
Sennheiser Paddle Antennae

Headset Microphones
CPC Headset Microphones

Lapel Microphones
CPC Lapel Microphones

Instrument Cable
Beltpack Instrument Adapters

Rechargeable Batteries
AA (Sennheiser) Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable Batteries
AAA (Shure) Rechargeable Batteries