Short Term Hires
Short term hires are perfect for a range of applications such as theatre productions, events and school shows.
Hiring gives you the flexibility of having the equipment you want, at a fraction of the cost to buy it outright. In addition you will also receive support from us during the whole length of your rental as well as any prep time in order to make your equipment exactly how you want it.
Long Term Hires

Long term hires may suit theatrical productions, sites or venues not looking to splash out on a large initial investment.

For many clients, the cost of purchasing a complete audio system outright is prohibitively expensive. We offer a range of audio systems available for long term hire, straight from our standard hire stock. There is no minimum or maximum length of hire and we can suit your business needs with our flexible pricing plans.

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Schools & Education
Schools bring their own unique set of challenges due to the amount of use spaces in schools see. Few schools are lucky to have their own dedicated theatre for assemblies and events, often is the case where a school hall is used for assemblies, lunch and a school production all on the same day – this brings its own restrictions and obstacles to overcome. Making sure the school sound system is simple enough to use with a laptop and microphone in assembly, but also advanced enough to take on board mutltiple radio microphones for a school production requires careful planning. Beyond this, schools may also require sound in different formats – such as the school bell system or a ‘tannoy’ system for announcements throughout the school. Our knowledge of different audio systems allow us to smoothly install and deploy the right sound system in every environment.
Services Show Works
Services Show Works
Bars & Restaurants
Sound systems for bars and restaurants can bring their own challenges due to the multiple applications a venue may see. For example, you may have a venue which serves as a coffee shop per day and music venue per night. You wouldn’t want songs to be blasting out during the day whilst people are drinking coffee, but you also want people to hear the music at night when the band are playing. How do you manage this?
Show Works has extensive experience in this field, and can help you select the right combination of equipment for your installation.
Site Specific
Venues such as pop up bars, ice rinks and immersive shows often require a complex sound system which may span through multiple rooms and locations. Having a sound system that is suitable and able to withstand constant use is crucial. For instance, the sound system might need to be waterproof, or withstand extremely hot/cold temperatures without any degradation in operation. Other factors to play might be scheduled pre recorded announcements, sound effects, or easy non technical user control over the whole system. Show Works have completed many projects over the recent years which call for installations such as these.
Services Show Works
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Over the years, computers have become a more and more important part of every day life. It’s hard to imagine what the world would be like now without phones, laptops and the internet.
Show Works have become expodentially intergrated with networking during their growth as a company. Networking plays a big part in our lives connecting digital services together and has called for Show Works to deploy services such as large scale WiFi networks and video distribution servers; involving both domestic and commercial clients.
Working with world leading brands such as Cisco and Ubiquiti ensures maximum reliability and uptime.

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Show Works has evolved its services over time into more specific areas such as video. Video serves a lot of purpose in the entertainment industry but also sees lots of use in other areas such as the security sector.
Show Works’ knowledge of technical installations and networking has allowed them to easily add both CCTV and Live-Streaming to their repertoire; including live streaming installations in schools and CCTV across temporary installations and businesses.
Working to the best security practises both with CCTV and Live-Streaming installs insures your premises and online presence is safe.

Show Works offers many more services in this sector, listed below;

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Audio Manufacturing
Theatre, events and productions often mean that unique solutions are required to overcome challenges faced in the industry. Show Works manufactures their own products purpose built for these applications. These products are designed and built in-house at our unit in Ascot featuring German and British components. Show Works manufactures a range products including;
All of the products Show Works offers are available to order directly through the website, allowing the most premium of service and support directly from the manufacturer.
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