Playback & Recording

Our range of Apple Mac computers are well suited for playback in live environments. Most notably, all of our Macs come complete with a copy of Qlab – the industry leader for sound playback.

Other software our devices include are:
Mac Installed Software: Qlab 4, Live Professor 2, WSM, Wireless Workbench, Lab Gruppen Intellidrive, Radio World
iPad Installed Software: DiGiCo S, DiGiCo SD, Shure Plus Channels, Lab Gruppen Intellidrive, LS Stage Mix, QL Stage Mix, CL Stage Mix

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Dante Audio Change Over Units
Our Dante Audio Change Over Units come in 3 sizes; 32, 64 & 96 channels (of switching). Using the ultra flexible AuviTran AVBx3 frame, Show Works is able to offer a simple, flexible and seamless way of changing over audio in a live production environment.
Triggered via GPI, the AuviTran AVBx3 routes audio from either source A or source B to a dedicated set of Dante outputs from the unit. This allows the unit to seamlessly change audio with no interruptions.
Just a network switch is needed in conjunction with the Show Works Dante Change Over Unit to create a fully redundant audio system.
AuviTran AVBx3/ISM
Playback & Recording Show Works
32 Channel
Playback & Recording Show Works
64 Channel
Playback & Recording Show Works
96 Channel
Playback & Recording Show Works
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64GB Class 10 SD Card