Playback & Video


Playback & Video Show Works
Apple MacBook & Mac Mini Computers, iPads

Mac Installed Software: Qlab 3, Qlab 4, Live Professor 2, WSM, Wireless Workbench, Lab Gruppen Intellidrive, Radio World.
iPad Installed Software: DiGiCo S, Shure Plus Channels, Lab Gruppen Intellidrive, LS Stage Mix, QL Stage Mix, CL Stage Mix

MIDI Interfaces
MIDI Solutions Interfaces

Contact Closure Triggers
Contact closure triggers for show control: Designed to be used with MIDI Solution F8

SW SS-02 Start:Stop Box Manual v2.0

Playback & Video Show Works
Focusrite Audio Interfaces

Playback & Video Show Works
LED, LCD and Touchscreen Monitors


Playback & Video Show Works
CCTV Equipment for Show Relay

CCTV Distribution
CCTV VDA & Balun Boxes

Video Monitors
Video Monitors with BNC Inputs