1 week 6 days ago

More of the Sennheiser Evolution Series making it's to our hire stock! This time its the Sennheiser E906. A great mic for mixing up Guitar cabs, Snare's and Brass.


2 weeks 19 hours ago

Loving the sunny weather! Let's hope it lasts this time..


2 weeks 3 days ago

New Addition to Hire Stock:
EM Acoustics i8 Subwoofer

This impressive subwoofer boasts 4 x 8' drive units allowing the subwoofer to go down to as low as 35 Hz despite is compact size!
A worthy addition to our ever growing EM Acoustics stock.
Check it out.


2 weeks 4 days ago

New DI Boxes added to hire stock! Check out the legendary BSS AR 133, possibly the most popular DI Box on the market.


3 weeks 4 days ago

This week we're at the Epsom Playhouse providing sound for the Full Monty.
Not to mention our new arrival: Wavetool! Can't beat it!