Lab Gruppen Amplifiers
Lab Gruppen make great amplifiers for power hungry applications – Whether this be for running the main PA system or the monitors for musicians, Lab Gruppen make an excellent choice where power and reliability is paramount.
Powersoft Amplifiers
Powersoft offer exceptional power in the smallest of form factors. Boasting not only thousands of watts of power, but features such as EQ, delay, limiting and networking all within a 1U chassis.
QSC Amplifiers
QSC makes a great choice for your ‘go to’ amplifier. The QSC RMX range are extremely easily to operate, sound good, and most importantly are reliable. The RMXs ability to provide power at 2 ohms allows them to power multiple speakers off 1 amplifier channel.
Audac Amplifiers
Audac makes amplifiers perfect for multi speaker applications. Their high channel count in comparison to their small form factor and weight (thanks to their class D amplifier) makes them perfect where multiple smaller speakers are required, yet rack space is at a premium. Audac’s SMQ range of amplifiers even have built in EQ, processing and limiting via the front panel.
t.Amp Amplifiers
The t.amp range of amplifiers are suited to applications where low output, multiple speaker configurations are required. Designed in Germany by Thomann themselves allows a cost effective and reliable solution where needed.